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Oracle Academy Development Competition 2010



  • Locul 1 – Universitatea „Politehnica” Timișoara
  • Locul 2 – ASE București
  • Locul 3 – Universitatea din Galați
  • Locul 4 – Universitatea Politehnica București
  • Locul 5 – Universitatea București

În prima faza au fost primite 36 de teme de proiecte și s-au selectat 10.

În faza a doua s-a prezentat un project plan și s-au selectat 5 proiecte pentru faza finală.

Jurizarea s-a facut de către o echipa de 6 persoane din departamentul de Dezvoltare aplicații a firmei Oracle, care are în București 1400 de angajați. Din București se asigură o mare parte din suportul tehnic pentru zona EMEA (Europe, Middle Est & Africa).

Mai multe informații pe site-ul concursului: campus.oracle.com extern

Detalii proiect Intelligent Campus Advisor:

This project aims to improve student life on campus by providing an automated guidance and information system. It gathers and organizes data from the campus websites and presents relevant information in a structured manner based on student request. In other words, like a human adviser, it tries to answer to any student question regarding the campus life.
The intended target of the project is the campus student community, especially students in the first year, who don’t know the way around yet. Of course, anyone related to the university can use it (teachers, future students etc.). By providing simple search interface, with relevant and ordered/structured search results page, it is our hope that this technology will be widely accepted and used in a relatively short time. By using it students will be able to search anything they want, from restaurant locations to exam schedules and results and many more. After implementation, our plan is to keep the project alive through modifications made to reply to the students’ feedback. Finally, we hope that the search engine will become a helpful source of information for our students and maybe have the opportunity to extend this system also in other Romanian universities.
Our intention is not to compete with general search engines like Google. Indeed, this project really shows its strength on a local, closed environment such as a university campus. However, it can be extended also on small or medium companies. Using an open design the search can be adapted to various needs. We plan to extend it with features like searching for courses, exam results, lab materials etc. Also, we consider future development of the semantic search algorithm towards a more natural language expressions and we plan to develop more elaborated strategies for gathering web pages through the web-crawler.
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